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Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's Important to Me Picture E-Swap (swapbot)

• A person:
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My Mother.She is everything in my life, without her I would not live ... The best lessons in life were to acquire it. is a woman warrior, has fought hard to create your family, and has passed a cruel disease that is cancer. today it is the 'father' of the family, because my father died recently. this is the most important person in my life.

• A place:
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Beach. I love going to the beach ... I always Barramares this beach there, one of the most bustling of my city. It's super cool, many people, music, dance, drink and food.

• Something you like to do:
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Reading. I love reading ... I'm always the guy with the books, my great passion.

Memorable moment:
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Sandy and Junior. On December 5, 2004 Meet my idols of the music. I have always been a fan of the double couple and all Brazilian fan, always dreamed to meet them, take pictures and get autographs. Achieve that dream, and certainly this moment is unforgettable.

• Up to you:
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My Wall. always had one. love paste pictures of friends, lived moments, I receive messages, cards and everything. he is always colorful and full of joy. so good to come in my room and see him.

I hope you enjoy.

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